Revive Communication Agreement



Revive is excited to offer spaces in our communication channels for appropriate use. 

There may be, however, unforeseen emergencies and contingencies that will require promotional priorities to shift and something else may receive preference over your request. Your promotional request may have to be cancelled or moved, sometimes with out notice.



All promotional requests must be scheduled in advance to allow for necessary planning and execution. Based on your specific needs/request lead time is as follows:

  1. Program Annoncement - 4-5 weeks lead time -  Our programs are currently printed once per series so if you need something in the program for that month (roughly) we need it 2 weeks prior to printing.
  2. Page on our Website - 2 weeks lead time
  3. Stage Announcement - 2 weeks lead time
  4. Pre/Post Service Announcement Slide - 2 weeks lead time
  5. Video Announcement - 4-6 weeks lead time
  6. Facebook Post - 2 week lead time

A response will be provided ASAP confirming we have received your request.

Revive events are promoted for a maximum of six (6) weeks, but usually four (4) weeks or less. Events that are not Revive core ministries are promoted for a maximum of two (2) weeks. We reserve the right to fully edit information you submit to comply with our communications standards. We have full discretion to decide what forms your promotion may take and how long they run.