Discipleship -- Nurture -- Accountability

The “MARCS” of a Healthy DNA Group

The principles of a healthy DNA Group are summed up in the acronym “MARCS”: Missional, Accountable, Reproducible, Communal, and Scriptural. 

MISSIONAL – Healthy DNA Groups find ways to meet regularly in places where they can form meaningful gospel relationships and they spur each other on toward sharing the gospel and making disciples. 

ACCOUNTABLE – Healthy DNA Groups foster authentic, honest, accountable relationships and hold members accountable to both their personal growth and to apply what they’re learning. 

REPRODUCIBLE – Healthy DNA Groups being with the end in mind. From the beginning their goal is to replicate the process at the end of the year by sending out each group member to start new DNA Groups. This is possible because of the simple to replicate components of DNA Groups. 

COMMUNABLE – Healthy DNA Groups are a community that practices the “one anothers” of scripture. They text throughout the week, meet weekly, and build Christ-centered friendships. 

SCRIPTURAL – Healthy DNA Groups have as their text book, the Bible. There is an epidemic of studies in the church that teach us a lot about the Word but don’t teach us how to engage the Word and hear from God on our own. We believe that the Word of God and the Spirit of God are more than enough to do the work of God through the people of God! And like Jesus modeled, we believe discipleship is best done in community.