Each time your DNA group meets, do your best to work through the following questions. These questions are to help provide an atmosphere where each individual feels: safe to confess sin, encouraged and lifted through prayer, challenged and motivated to live life for Christ and share that life with people in their path.

Question 1

What are you thankful for today and where do you feel blessed?

Question 2

Where have you struggled this week in your walk?

Sexually, Financially, Relationally, Spiritually, etc.

Question 3

What does God have to say to you today through His Word and how are you going to apply this to your life?

Develop a tangible statement that will put into practice what you learned. i.e. "I Will..."

Question 4

Who have you been a blessing to this week and who do you need to reach out to this week?

Question 5

What are at least 2 areas that the rest of the group can pray for you? 

Specifically & Personally