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At 10:08pm in Las Vegas, bullets rained down on thousands of people who were simply enjoying a country music festival. The result: Many lives lost, hundreds injured, and thousands forever changed. Anytime these events happen, whether on a school campus, a theater, a nightclub or at an outdoor concert venue, we are reminded that we live in a world where a few individuals sometimes choose to live out their hatred on a massive scale. But after the last shot was fired, we have seen so much beauty in the response of people. People afraid of needles are giving blood, homes are being opened for those needing a place to stay, and people all over the world are praying.

If you would like to help by giving financially to the overall relief effort, our friends at Central Church in Las Vegas have set up a direct giving link. Let’s not just pray, but let’s be an answer to prayer. Please, offer some Hope for Vegas.