In the fall of 2014,

    Jeff and Sarah Rosenberry spent a week in steadfast prayer pleading to God for clear direction of their future in ministry.  On the exact same morning that week, God impressed upon each of them separately to plant a church.  It was possible they’d shrug the church planting thoughts aside as oddly coincidental until a friend and ministry colleague, Andrew Estes, sent Jeff a text message during the very same hour that morning.  The message read: If you ever decide to plant a church, I’m in.  And so the journey began.

    The following weeks and months were filled with conversations and meetings as they surrounded themselves by people who plant churches.  During that time they partnered with two organizations: Nexus and Church Planters of the Rockies.  These relationships began with thousands of questions, an intensive assessment, and counseling.  They continue on today through friendship, mentoring, leadership training, and support on all organizational and personal levels.

    By October of 2015, the Rosenberry and Estes families made the official move from Woodland Park to Loveland, Colorado.  God ingrained in them a desperate desire to reach this city, with tens of thousands of non-believers, so that these people might come to LIFE in Christ.  They began building a Launch Team with God’s greatest commandment in mind – to love.  They invited neighbors over for dinner, shared holidays with strangers, offered free coffee and lemonade to passer-by’s, and imparted unexpected blessings to Mom’s in the community.  They saw needs and met them, prayed fervently, worked diligently, and engaged in all relationships with intentionality like never before.

    Slowly, incredible friendships began to form here in Loveland.  When Revive Christian Church opened the doors to its first Preview Service in May of 2016, they were surrounded by family and friends, both new and old.  By God’s grace, the Launch Team continued to grow over the next several months.  A new community, a unique family of believers and non-believers alike, sprouted where there once was none.  Then on September 11, 2016, Revive officially launched with over 100 people supporting and celebrating God’s new work.

    Revive strives to lead believers closer to Jesus.  We work with an urgency to help those far from God come to LIFE in Christ.  We refuse to wait for the people in our community to come to us, but we purposefully take the love of Jesus to the people of our community.  Every single day marks progress in bringing to life the church that God placed on our hearts several years ago.