Are we making a point or making a difference?

       “Hate” is a word we hear every day.  It’s nearly impossible to avoid.  Whether we are watching the news or scrolling online, hate is regularly and carelessly expressed in both word and action.  Even more appalling, hate is often displayed by so-called “Christian” groups and churches.  But is this really the message Jesus came to die for?  Maybe the real discrepancy we’re facing today isn’t between the separation of church and state, but rather, the Separation of Church and Hate. Join us this fall for a new message series.

September 24 - Back to basics

John 13:31-38

Coaches will often remind their team that every once in a while, you have to get “Back to the Basics.”  What he or she means is, so often, we have gotten away from the very fundamentals of the sport we are playing.  Could it be that we as Christians and we as a church have gotten further away from the ONE thing God truly wants for our lives?  In this message, we will rediscover that one thing.  In doing so, we hope to widen the separation of Church and Hate and come back to what is truly important to God.

October 1 - opportunities not obstacles

Acts 9

If you are anything like me, you probably don’t enjoy engaging in debates with people who have differing points of view.  Be it politics, religion, or whatever hot topic of the day, it’s easier to dodge the conversation than it is to dive-in.  Because, let’s be honest, the likelihood of either party changing their minds is slim….right?  So we avoid the conversation.  Heck, sometimes we avoid the interaction altogether!  We see all these exchanges as obstacles in our lives.  But what if, instead of obstacles, we saw them as opportunities?  A slight change in perspective might just go a long way.

October 8 - love hurts

1 Corinthians 5

When I was a kid, corporal punishment wasn’t the hot-button issue it is today, it was just the norm.  Like all kids, my actions occasionally warranted reprimand, and my parents were no strangers to course correction.  One time, I remember my Dad telling me “this is going to hurt me more than it’s going to hurt you.”  And I thought to my young self, “I highly doubt that.”  Discipline and course correction, though desperately needed, hurts.  In this week’s message, we are going to discover that judgement and correction with the intent of restoration is not hate, but love.  Sometimes, true love hurts.

October 15 - anyone's welcome

Acts 15

What is it that stands in the way of God and the people He is desperately trying to reach?  Would it shock you to learn the answer may very well be… the church?  The church was designed to include everyone, yet for many it feels like an exclusive club that accepts only those who look and speak the part. Imagine with me, a church that does everything in its power to turn from an exclusive club to an inclusive family.  Look out church… this might be a game changer.

October 22 - take it personally

Mark 2:1-12

Imagine you hear about a random stranger halfway around the world that is so ill, they may die unless something drastically changes.  What is your response?  Do you have any at all?  Now picture the exact same scenario, but change the ailing person to someone much more familiar to you: one of your own children; one of your parents; your spouse.  It changes everything, doesn’t it?  Everything in life is different when its personal.  The church was designed to be personal - and it starts with you, and it starts with me.

October 29 - those people

John 4

It’s interesting how much we prefer to focus on the sins we dislike the most, then expressly look down upon the people who struggle in those specific sins.  THOSE people who do those things.  Surely this was not the message Jesus died on a cross to fulfill!  In our final message of the series, we will concentrate on HIS message, rather than our own.  As it turns out, “Those people” He refers to might not be the same “Those people” we’ve been focusing on all along.

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